Unconventional solutions are needed

More and more, technicians servicing classic cars are confronted with failing electronic components. Finding spare parts becomes challenging, especially for vehicles that were never produced in significant numbers.

One current example is the HVAC controller for the Aston Martin V8 Models with a production date from 09/1983 and chassis numbers 12373 / 15315.

The OEM electronics units from BOSCH (9 140 010 077 and 1 147 328 034) and Aston Martin (89-18258 and 89-18458) are no longer available. So the specialists at Emil Frey Classics developed a solution; the faulty OEM board is replaced with one using modern micro-controller technology. The integrated PID controller allow a superior temperature control compared with the analog OEM unit from BOSCH.

All components fit into the OEM casing and are fully compatible with the vehicle harness and mounting. While nothing is visible from the outside, state-of-the-art electronics are concealed on the inside. 

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