MG C Cabrio – newly restored and soon available for hire

This MG C has been part of the Emil Frey collection since 2015. Upon acquisition, the Cabriolet still featured the same design as when it was imported into Switzerland in 1969. However, the paintwork looked very worn in places. Large sections were discoloured and the metal was slightly dented here and there. The door and boot lid folds had started to rust, as had the wheel arches and the undertray.
While dismantling the car and stripping the paint, further rust spots were revealed at the sill ends, the transition between the side wall and the front end of the vehicle, and in the footwell, for instance. Due to heavy flaking in the engine compartment, we decided to completely dismantle the straight six-cylinder engine and gearbox.
The second-hand C also had mechanical damage to the brakes. In addition, the front shock absorbers and various wearing parts of the suspension had to be replaced. Thanks to a new wiring harness, the driver will no longer have to rely on outdated (and partially repaired) electrical wiring in the future.
As soon as the MG C is completely reassembled, we will hire it out on a daily or weekly basis. Details will follow on

The rusty transition between the side wall and front end before...

…and after repair using newly welded sheet metal.

Rusty sills: the A pillars were also beginning to rust through.

Several sections of the outer sills had to be replaced with new parts.

Scrubbed cable insulation and missing paint on the undertray.

The mudguards and door panels were filled before being primed and painted in Snowberry White.

The undertray is left in the same colour as when the MG left the factory.

The freshly painted engine compartment: all seams were sealed with the ex-factory sealant.

Only the wheel arches were enhanced with paintable stone chip protection.

The dashboard is rewired.

The new wiring harness in fabric sheathing next to the new fuel pump.

The wheel suspension was sandblasted and originally painted black – and not powder-coated.

The front axle, which takes a lot of strain from the weighty six-cylinder engine, was fitted with new shock absorbers.

A new insulation mat for the freshly painted bonnet.