In June 2015 the newly refurbished premises, housing the museum, showroom, event space and lounge were opened to the public.


…for the future home of Emil Frey Classics.


In mid-2013, renovation of the factory buildings began…


Emil Frey AG leased the old factory grounds from Robert Hochuli in 2009, acquiring the property in 2013.


Robert Hochuli, a fourth-generation descendent of the founding family, assumed management of the business in 1980. In 1989, HoCoSa was sold to Sawaco and reduced its manufacturing activities by 1992. After the adjacent plot of land was sold, the Zentrum Safenwil shopping mall opened in 1993.


Featured here are the modernised circular knitting machines on the second floor.


…and the fabric cutters. Fabrics were also stored in this space.


Knitting machines were replaced by individual workstations for the seamstresses…


The production building with the saw-tooth roof, which no longer exists, was modernised for the last time.


The factory underwent further expansion in the 1950s, with the addition of a two-story office and administration block on the south side of the production building.


HoCoSa manufactured high-quality jersey fabrics, undergarments, nightwear and tops.


On the edges of the large machine room, seamstresses transformed the cut pieces of fabric into finished products.


The circular-knitting machine room, on the second floor, was considered state-of-the-art at the time.


Featured here are the flat-knitting and Jacquard machines. In its heyday, HoCoSa employed approximately 100 people.


On the east side, the factory added a three-story building that remains standing to this day. The distinctive structure was designed by famous Zurich architect and politician Armin Meili, also a director of the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition, known as “Landi”.


The factory began a phase of significant expansion. A new production building with a saw-tooth roof was constructed on the factory’s original foundation to house the new sideways knitting machines, among other equipment.


Fritz Hochuli founded Hochuli & Co Safenwil (HoCoSa), a knitwear manufacturer and cotton mill. Featured here is the first factory building, with the train station visible on the right.